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Donating to CCM is easier than ever through our website and association with WeShare. You may now use your credit/debit card or checking account to make one-time or repeated gifts to Christ Community Ministries. This option is perfect for seasonal members/attenders, and those who don’t carry cash or a checkbook, and the growing number of people who prefer to manage their finances online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeShare?

WeShare is an independent service that CCM has partnered with that allows you to make secure donations to CCM on a one time or repeated basis. You have various payment choices for each of our supported programs.

How do I get started with WeShare?

Click on the DONATE button. The CCM secure donation page opens, and you are ready to go. Just follow the instructions. The transaction is actually completed on the WeShare secure website. When you are finished, use the BACK button and you will be returned to the Christ Community Ministries website.

What are my payment choices?

You have two payment choices with WeShare. You can pay with your credit/debit card or you can pay by EFT (a withdrawal from your checking or savings account).

Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”)

One way to ensure that CCM receives your support on a regular basis is to use EFT – making your contributions even more convenient and reliable. With our WeShare capability, there are no checks to write and nothing to mail. EFT’s are more cost effective for CCM as there are no credit card processing fees.

What if I want to make a donation once a week or once a month?

No problem! You select whether you are making a one-time donation or a repeating donation. You select the day you want to make the donation. You even select how often the donation is repeated.

Why is Christ Community Ministries offering the WeShare service?

Many people now go on-line to make gifts or pay bills. WeShare offers you a safe, secure and confidential means to donate to any of the programs we support. CCM recognizes that some choose to take advantage of available technology. No checks to write, nothing to mail, nothing is forgotten or lost. If you decide to make an automatic, ongoing donation, such as to Tithes or Missions, you have the comfort of knowing that your donation will be made even if you are out of town. CCM encourages all donors to be financially responsible stewards of the resources God has provided.

Can I donate a one-time gift or pledge for a specific term?

Yes, one time gifts are graciously accepted. Participants can also arrange for a specific amount to be paid over a number of months.

Will I get a tax deduction for my charitable donation to Christ Community Ministries on WeShare?

Your end of year tax letter will include all donations made using WeShare. You also will receive an email confirmation of each gift or payment and you will have a record on your bank or credit card statement.

What if I want to stop or change a WeShare donation or payment?

Easy! Just email us at and we will take care of it for you.

Can I still donate to CCM by check or with cash without using WeShare?

Absolutely! WeShare is a new option available to everyone, but the traditional methods of giving are still available. Giving envelopes are available in the sanctuary and church office for those who desire to give via traditional methods.

Does WeShare cost me anything?

WeShare is free to the donor. CCM pays a processing fee to ensure that the transaction is secure and that all donations are recorded accurately and quickly.

Which programs of CCM are available for donation through WeShare?

All of our active programs can be selected from the CONTRIBUTION drop down list.

• Tithes/Offering

• Missions

• Building Fund

• Youth

• Outreach Projects

What if I feel awkward not giving when the offering plate passes by during service?

Giving to the Lord is a personal matter, and we are sensitive to your feelings. In the pews there will be provided “I’m an E-Giver” cards that you can fill out and place in the offering to acknowledge your gift, or request more information about online giving.